The toddler area is an exciting, stimulating environment where children can explore and develop their independence through varied activities.

This stage helps introduce the basic skills in life learning through play and building confidence in a positive energetic and enthusiastic way and the children stay in the toddler area until their 2nd birthday.

The room is set up so that children can explore and discover their preferences, through access to a wide variety of continuous provisions. They are able to do this independently whilst remaining in a fun, caring environment with the support of the practitioners always on hand.

Play Opportunities for Toddlers

Throughout the day your child will be introduced to lots of play opportunities.
The room is set out with everything at the child’s level, allowing them to explore and discover their environment through their senses.
Continuous Provisions is a term to describe a wide range of activities that are available for the children throughout the day.
In addition the toddlers have access to the Sensory Room, Library, Dining Room and Sports Hall. These facilities are used for smaller groups to provide a change of environment and for specific types of activities e.g. dancing, quiet time and reading.

Outside in the garden: there is a purpose built area for the toddlers which has cushioned flooring and is there for the exclusive use of the Toddler Area.