3 – 4 years

Our pre-school in Halifax provides the opportunity for your child to learn the skills that will prepare them for school life.

At our pre-school in Halifax, children are also introduced to more focused activities and each term you will receive a newsletter that provides details of the topics that have been covered. This allows parents to enhance and support the learning as well as providing an insight into their anecdotes. The newsletter includes details of any stories, songs and information about visitors that we may have had during the period.

Children are encouraged to be independent by dressing themselves when going out to play and for PE sessions. They also serve themselves, where appropriate, at meal times, helping to develop their communication and social skills.

alice interacting

In line with the philosophy of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, our sessions are carefully planned and structured to follow the children’s interests, with an emphasis on activities that are fun, relevant and motivating for each child.

At The Ark we support children’s learning through both planned play and by extending and developing children’s spontaneous play. This is made possible by the arrangement of our room in such a way that there is continuous provision of all facilities for the children. This allows them to explore at their own pace and through their own motivation.

Within our pre-school we are registered by OFSTED to provide Early Education funded childcare places for children between the ages of three and four years. Our full OFSTED report is available at Ofsted reports