2 – 3 years

Within our nursery school the children are introduced to new experiences to develop their sense of belonging.Sandpit fun

Our nursery school aims to encourage children to realise their own individuality whilst becoming able to trust and rely on their own abilities.

Many of the children are attempting potty and toilet training whilst at this age.We work together with the parents to decide upon the best way to encourage each child, as it is important that both nursery and parents are following the same routine.

In order to ensure communication is maintained, parents are provided with a daily record which provides information about what your child has eaten, sleep times and toileting where appropriate.


Woodland Explorers is an outdoor experience offered at The Ark in the Nursery Room.  It is based on the Forest Schools sessions that run in Pre-school but it is more tailored to the 2 to 3 year old age group.

Woodland Explorers takes place in the sensory garden and teaches children to recognise the importance of being healthy, staying safe, enjoying activities and making a positive contribution to the environment. It also encourages new language and social skills and helps develop new friendships through working together in different social groups. The children wear full waterproof suits, wellies and gloves so they can experience Woodland Explorers in all weathers.  This can include splashing in the muddy puddles when it’s raining or the excitement of digging in the snow and making snowballs when the snow arrives.