We provide the facilities for your children to have a fulfilled and adventurous day at The Ark, be it the small first steps of a toddler when reaching out for a new toy or the large leaps of an eleven year old to save a goal. We are passionate about creating a sense of fun and we want all the children, staff and parents to ‘smile’ at the thought of being with us.

Children thrive when encouraged and when they are able to be independent and make decisions for themselves. At The Ark and in SPACE we offer the opportunity for them to achieve their potential within a happy, safe and healthy environment with a balanced routine of activity, rest and relaxation. The care we provide allows children to develop and play at their own pace, nurturing their natural abilities and encouraging them to realise their full potential.


shot of three groups of children showing a happy and healthy lifestyle

A passion for the outdoors:

We are passionate about the importance of the outdoors and whenever possible we spend time outside with the children. In the nursery play area we have hard surface and a large grassed area where there is climbing and balancing equipment. The children can also explore our sensory garden with fragranced rockery and adventure woodland


Trust – a first step

It is paramount that we develop a trusting relationship with all our parents and we believe that communication is key to this. During the initial settling-in stage we get to know both the child and parents and share information to make sure that we have a clear understanding of everyone’s requirements. From then on we work very hard to keep parents up to date with all our activities through newsletters, notice boards and daily dialogue with our team.

We will always make every effort to fulfil any special requirements for our children. We do this whether they may have special education needs or specific dietary requirements e.g. due to allergies, or religious beliefs. We also apply sunscreen and administer medication to children where authorised by the parents.