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The Baby Room is separated into different areas according to the developmental stage of the children and there is also a separate sleep area where they can rest as needed. This self-contained unit provides a relaxed but stimulating environment that will encourage your child to feel secure and settled with us at the Ark.

Within the room the activities are planned with consideration for the age and stage of development of each child. As the children progress they will become increasingly involved in more group-orientated activities and be introduced to the concept of individual responsibility and social interaction through group play and mealtimes.

Parents are given a record at the end of each day with information about their child’s day, including nappy changes, sleep times, etc. Weaning takes place within this room and we work closely to introduce varied foods according to the routines and preferences of each family and in line with government recommendations.

Jan and baby (1)Picture the scene… ..a baby in the Dedicated Baby Area with its cosy surroundings and low level windows, where they see the seasons changing before their very eyes and hear the wind chimes and birds singing. They then move onto the smooth vinyl, where they crawl into the low level sand tray and feel the coarse sand trickle through their fingers. In the afternoon a baby might venture out into the play area where they feel the wind on their cheeks and smell the fantastic smells from the Sensory Garden.

What is the ‘Dedicated Baby Area?

This cosy, loving environment is where children can grow and flourish – a home-like environment with different areas for the babies to explore and discover the world around them, whilst being supported and cared for by practitioners who are dedicated to each and every baby’s individual needs and development. The practitioners are responsive and considerate to babies’ and parents’ needs at this tender stage.

The Benefits of the Dedicated Baby AreaJan and baby (7)

  • 1:2 staff to child ratio ensures each child receives specialised care and attention.
  • Places in the room are limited to avoid the space feeling overcrowded.
  • The Dedicated Baby Area has its own quiet sleep room with relaxing music and twinkling lights to create a restful atmosphere.
  • The low level windows make the room light and airy and allow the babies to see the changing weather and wildlife across the valley.
  • On rainy days, the room can become a dark sensory room with a sensory light box, lanterns and twinkly lights.
  • There is a specifically designed outdoor pod area with a canopy that protects the babies from the sun and shelters them from raindrops whilst still allowing them to be outdoors.
  • Plenty of treasure baskets and heuristic play give the babies ample opportunity to explore, experiment and discover through the various resources.

The Dedicated Baby Area introduces the basic skills of life, learning through play and building confidence in a positive and enthusiastic way.