Our Approach

As parents ourselves we have faced many of the same dilemmas and decisions that all parents face every day.

At every stage of your child’s life a new world opens up, not only to your child but also to you as parents.

When first pregnant you are considering …

  • Which childcare will be the best for my child?
  • How am I going to balance my life and work?

When your children approach school age the questions change to …

  • How am I going to work and take the children to and from school?
  • What about the 12 weeks of school holidays each year?
  • How can I be in all these places at once?

baby and toddlers at play drawing, painting and in the outdoors

Head and heart:

We don’t promise to answer all these questions, but you can be reassured that we provide solutions for many of them.
We guide you step by step through you and your child’s first experience of childcare and we work closely with everyone to ensure that you all feel at home in this new world.
The decision regarding childcare is never an easy one – it needs to be a mixture of head and heart. In order to draw your own conclusion we do recommend that you come and see us in action and ask any questions – we will commit to providing honest answers based on our experience and knowledge.
We operate an open door policy where visitors and new parents are welcome to look around at any time. If you would like to meet one of the senior staff, it helps to make an appointment.