In direct contradiction to the government’s recent announcement that it is looking to increase the ratio of children to adults within the childcare settings, we will be increasing our ratio for children up to 12 months old to provide a one to two care for these precious babies.

Jo Brock, Nursery Manager, said that “these improvements we are making are very much against the current government plans. However we believe that our new ratios will enhance the experience for children at The Ark and we know that these levels of care are very much what working parents want for their children.”

We announced these changes to our parents last month and have already had messages of support from them saying, “Thank you Heidi and Jo, I knew we had picked the right place for our child and this just confirms it!”

Currently the ratios required by Ofsted are one adult to every three children under the age of two but we are confident that our changes will provide great benefits to the babies. Research and common sense dictate that the children will be safer and benefit in terms of their development from the changes going ahead at The Ark.

Jo highlighted that ‘Over the past eleven years we have seen over 1000 children come to us for high quality childcare and the last thing we or any parent want, is to compromise the quality of the childcare provision.  It is often an emotional time when parents return to work and we aim to offer the best in care and education for these children, this is why we were one of the first settings in Calderdale to be awarded an Outstanding inspection report from Ofsted.

Donna Hubbard, Childcare Manager explained “To deliver these levels of quality we operate a structure that allows the childcare professionals the time to care for and play with the children whilst the administration, cooking and cleaning are delivered by a fabulous support team.  The increase of our baby ratios is just another part of this commitment. We always want to be one step ahead and ensure we are delivering what our parents want.  We are in an idyllic location with the highest quality facilities and we hope the addition of these high ratios, combined with our amazing Forest School will, once again raise the bar in terms of quality childcare”.