As you are probably aware, this month we launched our Forest School on land adjacent to The Ark and the response from parents and children has been fantastic. Why not have a look at our Facebook page? There are photos and tales of our forest adventures and will be updated regularly.

Forest Schools first developed in Scandinavia in the 1950’s and centred on children learning about the natural world and developing core skills in communication and physical development in a creative and innovative way. Forest School is for all children and young people and gives them the opportunity to make choices and learn for themselves. The children are experiencing our local natural environment through regular visits – whatever the weather! The children in Pre-school are going down to the woods on Mondays, wearing their bright waterproof uniforms. Perhaps you have seen them or read the article in the Hebden Bridge Times? Space 1 and 2 will also be making use of this fabulous new facility in the Holiday Clubs – can you already smell the wood smoke and toasted marshmallows?