It has been a busy few months here at The Ark and Space.
Our new kitchen is now finished and the kitchen staff are enjoying creating even more delicious meals for the children (and staff!). The dreadful weather this summer hasn’t prevented us getting out and about. The Space Summer Holiday Club was a great success with trips to adventure parks and climbing walls, we made home-made water slides and did some yummy baking and cooking on campfires, to name but a few of the summer activities. This week the Holiday Club children went for a fun swim, visited the Bradford media museum for some Scooby-Doo fun, made delicious Hallowe’en treats and had fun with the kitchen staff making an ‘Eat Well’ plate – learning how to turn their dream menu into a healthy version.
The nursery children have also been having fun going for walks to see the farm animals, visiting a local farm and playing outside in the garden whatever the weather. The virtually indestructible Forest School uniforms have been well-used, keeping everyone warm and dry when playing in the woods and by the stream. Please take a look at the Forest School board in the Pre-school reception area – a few of the things the pre-schoolers  have done are: learned how to make birdfeeders; made hot chocolate drinks on a campfire while learning about fire safety; made spider webs in and around the trees, and ready for Hallowe’en, they made broomsticks and looked for owls.
After all this activity, you’d think we wouldn’t have any energy left for the rest of this year.. but you’d be wrong! The Pre-school Open House is on 14th November and everyone is welcome to come along to meet the staff and find out about the 15 hours of free childcare all 3 year olds are entitled to. Dare we mention that Christmas looms on the horizon too? The Holiday Club Christmas Holiday Planner will be on the website alter this month, Pre-school is planning the annual Nativity and all the other usual Christmas fun will be announced soon too.
Why not keep an eye on our Facebook page to see what we’ve all be up to?
Enjoy the rest of the Autumn and the countdown to Christmas… we certainly will here at The Ark!