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Our surroundings are magical

The nursery and out of school club are set in a 4-acre site in the West Yorkshire countryside in the centre of the Calder Valley. The children and staff can look out at the amazing views, watch the weather pass across the hillside, take walks along the track to see the animals in their pastures or just sit with their friends in the field listening to the latest music.

Attention to detail

We aim to set a new standards. At The Ark and in SPACE we operate well above the minimum requirements laid down by OFSTED both in terms of space allowed per child and the number of staff allocated to the children.

Overall we sincerely believe that The Ark is ‘the experience of a lifetime’ for everyone including children, parents and staff. We openly welcome you to visit and see us in action for yourself.

Ofsted Report - 2014
Ofsted Report - 2014
Ofsted Report - 2014 (1).pdf
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Ofsted Report - 2018
Ofsted Report - 2018
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